Product Change Notification
七 24, 2017
Product Change Notification


Product Change Notification

Date of PCN Publication:
July.05, 2017

Change Title:

Pretec SRAM and Linear Flash Card change Notice


Date of PCN Publication:

July.05, 2017


Type of Change Notification:

8-bit/16-bit signal Data Bus Auto Transfer Change


Key Characteristics of the Change:

  1. The Data Bus Auto Transfer IC is EOL.
  2. All Pretec SRAM/Linear Flash will be 16-bit only. Or 8-bit only.
  3. For example, the S65001, SRAM card, will become two models: S65001-8 for 8-bit device, and S65001-16 for 16-bit device.


Product Change Schedule:

Pretec is doing the last buy for old SRAM/LF cards. Need to get all last buy Qty in July, 2017. Then, running change to the 16-bit/8-bit separated solutions.


Description of Change:

This change is related to data bus auto transfer IC EOL. The core solution, especially the SRAM Memory, Linear Flash Memory, remains the same. Thus, neither hardware nor reliability concern would be raised. And it doesn’t have an impact on performance issue.


Recommended Action:

Please check the device side request ( 8-bit or 16-bit). Kindly have the suitable SRAM/LF cards for testing approval. Should you have any issues, please contact the Pretec sales or FAE.


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