World’s Fastest CF and SD Cards From Pretec
三 07, 2012
Hall-17 ; Booth-C30

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Time : March 6th ~ 10th, 2012
Location : Hannover, Germany
Booth No : Hall 17,Booth C30



Hannover Germany, March 6th, 2012  Pretec, the 1st in the world to offer SDXC 32GB card (2009), the creator of the fastest CF card in the world (667X) and the largest capacity CF card in the world (128GB), continues today its record breaking history to offer ultimate performance memory cards by unveiling the world’s fastest CF888X Card, and the world’s fastest SDHC667X Class 16 card here at Pretec Booth in CeBIT 2012 (Hall17, Booth C30).

Compliant with the latest UDMA7 standard, Pretec CF888X features the extraordinary access speed of up to 133MB/s, the highest speed CF card in the world and is breaking it’s own record of CF667X, the fastest CF card in the world previously (Read: 100MB/s, Write: 80MB/s) which was announced in CeBIT 2010. CF888X card is available from 64GB~128GB.

Pretec has announced the world’s 1st CFast™ since CES2009 in Las Vegas and later came out the 2nd generation - CFast Hypersonic, reaching even higher speed of more than 250MB/s today. By continuing the speed enhancement of CF card, the majority of PATA based CF card users, who uses digital bus instead of power hungry analog phi, has an upgrade path, to the level close to the performance of the practical SATA II today.


Prior to the announcement of SDHC667X card, Pretec has started shipping SDXC/SDHC 567X & 433X Class 16 full HD cards in November 2011. Compliant with the latest UHS-1 standard, the ultra high speed Pretec SDHC667X Class 16 cards can reach up to 95MB/s and 80MB/s in read/write speed, easily meeting the growing demands for full HD Video devices or 3D imaging capture applications without any shot-to-shot lags. Available from 16GB ~ 32GB, Pretec SDHC667X Class 16 card adopts the highly reliable SLC NAND Flash chips and thus is world’s most robust and fastest SD card in the flash industry.


The 1st in the world to offer highest capacity SD 1.0 card (4GB) and fastest (133X) in the world since July of 2005, Pretec has consistently pioneered the highest capacity and fastest SD card, with 1st SDHC (8GB) card in the world compliant with SD specification 2.0 working with video camcorders of Sanyo Electrical Co., Ltd. of Japan in Sept. of 2006, and the 1st SDXC (32GB) card in the world since March of 2009. The new SD667X complements the Pretec tradition of performance and reliability to be the fastest and most reliable SD cards in the world.

About Pretec

Pretec™ ( offers a complete spectrum of small form factor memory cards and card readers such as CF, SD/MMC, USB Flash Drive, and wireless communication devices for digital imaging, mobile communication, and industrial flash markets. As the 2nd company in the world to offer CF cards since 1995 and the company to create CF I/O and SD I/O cards since 1998, Pretec has consistently demonstrated the highest capacity flash cards in the world: such as CF 3GB, 6GB, 12GB, 16GB, 24GB, 48GB, 64GB, 100GB and SD 4GB, SDHC 8GB, 16GB, 32GB; the fastest flash card in the world: such as CF 80X and 333X, 433X, 667X, SD 133X, and USB 166X, 233X. With more than 200 patents granted or filed, Pretec has also been offering the smallest USB flash drive in the world with unique technology: such as i-Disk Tiny (“Best Gear of 2003” by TIME Magazine) and i-Disk Diamond; the most reliable flash card in the world: such as rugged PCMCIA, rugged CF card, and i-Disk Bulletproof, a water-proof, fire-proof, and bullet-proof USB flash drive.

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*Note:  i-Disk, i-Disk Tiny, i-Disk Diamond and i-Disk Bulletproof are trademarks of Pretec. All other trademarks mentioned herein are recognized as the property of their respective holders.



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