Industrial 2.5" IDE SSD - Tiger series

Pretec High Performance/Super-Thin 2.5” IDE Flash Disk  is a solid-state disk without moving parts in a 2.5-inch rugged metal enclosure that comforts to ATA specification. With advanced NAND Type Flash memory technology, the High Performance 2.5” IDE Flash Disk Series works in lower consumption, and performs with superior reliability, duration, endurance and data rotation. It is a really good replacement of a conventional hard drive and it offers the ultimate level of data protection and security features to prevent users’ image file, software, critical data and products from being damaged.

.Performance: High transfer rate up to 35MB/s under UDMA 4 mode .Capacity: 512MB~8GB .The thinnest IDE SSD in the world (only 5.8mm) .Assures high reliability based on internal ECC (Error Correcting Code) function .MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): more than 2,000,000 power-on hours .Endurance: more than 1,000,000 writing / erasing times .Supports wide operating temperature range from -40℃ to +85℃

Industrial 2.5 IDE SSD - Tiger Series(0℃~+70℃)
Capacity Part No.
     512MB       IEM512-C4-S
     1GB       IEM01G-C4-S
     2GB       IEM02G-C4-S
     4GB       IEM04G-C4-S
     8GB       IEM08G-C4-S

Industrial 2.5 IDE SSD - Tiger Series(-20℃~+85℃)
Capacity Part No.
     512MB       IEM512-L4-S
     1GB       IEM01G-L4-S
     2GB       IEM02G-L4-S
     4GB       IEM04G-L4-S
     8GB       IEM08G-L4-S

Industrial 2.5 IDE SSD - Tiger Series(-40℃~+85℃)
Capacity Part No.
     512MB       IEM512-H4-S
     1GB       IEM01G-H4-S
     2GB       IEM02G-H4-S
     4GB       IEM04G-H4-S
     8GB       IEM08G-H4-S